Researchers are Implementing New Ways to Predict Where Ocean Flotsam Will End Up

Scott J Cooper Flotsam

For at least the last decade, we’ve all been hearing about how trash and flotsam has been piling up in the oceans. The most alarming of these stories was the discovery of what is known as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. This is an area of floating plastic debris, flotsam and jetsam, in between Hawaii […]

Hydrogen Water: Myth or Miracle Drink?

Hydrogen Water

If you want to stay hydrated, plain water remains your best bet. This doesn’t stop some beverage companies from claiming that adding hydrogen water and other elements to water can intensify these benefits. Hydrogen water: what is it? Hydrogen water is regular water with extra hydrogen molecules added. Hydrogen is a non-toxic gas that’s both […]

How To Limit Water Consumption

limit water consumption

Why We Must Limit Water Consumption Water is central to our lives. We can’t survive more than a few days without it. Right now, the world is facing a water crisis. Despite water covering 70% of the planet, only 2.5% is freshwater. Beyond this, there are 790 million people without access to water.While water scarcity […]

Wyoming Should Protect The Madison Aquifer From Contaminated Water

Madison Aquifer Pollution

The Madison Aquifer is at risk. The oil and gas industry faces an ongoing problem: how to dispose of contaminated produced water. This problem has not been eased with Aethon Energy receiving permission from Wyoming to flout clean water rules in place to protect the Madison aquifer’s potable water. The company plans to solve just […]

How The Urbanization Of Water Will Affect The Future

Water Urbanization Wastewater

Urbanization refers to a migration of people from rural to urban regions. It is envisaged that urban areas will take in the global population growth in the coming decades. They are also anticipated to accommodate a sizeable portion of the rural-to-urban migration. A significant chunk of these people will make their homes in overcrowded slums. […]

Dark Waters Review: A Legal Thriller Starring Mark Ruffalo

Dark Waters Scott J Cooper

The True Story of Dark Waters Dark Waters is a 2019 legal thriller film that follows a corporate defense attorney as he takes on an environmental lawsuit against a chemical company and exposes a lengthy history of pollution. The film is directed by Todd Haynes and written by Mario Correa and Matthew Michael Carnahan. It’s […]

Why Is There a Water Shortage?

Why is there a water shortage?

The water shortage crisis is becoming more serious in the US. Pragmatic solutions are, therefore, the need of the hour to prevent this crisis from getting out of control. Solutions for Water Shortage One of the simplest ways to address the water shortage crisis in the country is to improve farming methods. This is because […]

Mantle Minerals Inside The Earth Have All The Water We Need

Pyroxene Mantle Minerals

The Earth’s mantle is filled with precious metals, stones, and minerals that have tons of practical uses. Ores can be used to construct machines, while precious stones can be used to construct decorative pieces or advanced circuitry, and precious metals can be used for satellites. However, researchers and miners are also interested in the tiny […]

The Impending Water Crisis in the US

The water crisis is causing water wars in New Mexico.

In its Global Risks Report 2019, the World Economic Forum rated the global water crisis as the 4th biggest risk to people around the world.   But, very few people realize how serious the water crisis in the US is and how rapidly the situation is deteriorating. I am not speaking about environmental pollution or […]

Analyzing the Water Crisis in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe Water Crisis

Authorities in Zimbabwe are struggling to cope with the overburdened water systems under the increasing pressures from rapidly expanding urban activity. Making things worse is the country’s inability to import water purifying chemicals. Zimbabwe’s water crisis has crippled regular life in major cities as residents battle daily blackouts that last up to 18 hours. There […]